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It was 1967 when I decided to pursue art as a career. My first formal education was at Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado where one of my professors recommended I attend an art school.  I studied at the Colorado Institute of Art, Denver, Colorado, American Academy of Art Chicago, Illinois,  Regis College, Denver, Colorado where I received my bachelors degree; and Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY where I received my MFA. I worked as a graphic designer from 1970 until 1975 when I received a grant form the Elizabeth T. Greenshields foundation to paint for a year. Afterwards, I worked as an educator in teaching and administrative positions for the Colorado Institute of Art, the Art Institute of Dallas, and Mesa State College. k here to .
After graduating from The Colorado Institute of Art in 1970. I worked as a Graphic Artist  in Denver, Colorado and Chicago Illinois from 1970 to 1979.  In pursuit of a more rounded education, I studied painting, drawing, sculpture and art history at the American Academy of Art, Chicago Illinois; Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado; Richland College, Dallas Texas; and Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas. In 1996 I received an Associates Degree in Computer Animation from The Art Institute of Dallas.
After my daughter was born, I wanted more time to spend with her, and a different environment, so I pursued a teaching career from 1979 to 2003 at the Colorado Institute of Art and The Art Institute of Dallas. I’ve taught various subjects including Artistic Anatomy, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting and Computer Illustration.